DRTV Media FAQs - Modus Direct

Get Direct Response TV Media frequently asked questions (FAQs) answered by Modus Direct, the direct response TV performance marketing experts.

What is DRTV (Direct Response TV) media buying?

Direct response TV (DRTV) media buying involves purchasing remnant TV inventory at reduced, pre-emptible (or direct response) rates on a daypart or broad rotation basis. DRTV rates are typically 50-80% off rates paid in the general market. Due to the possibility of preemption, direct response TV media is typically overbooked to clear the budgeted amount. However, higher rates can be paid to assure clearance if a client needs to clear based on other business goals (such as managing call center staffing or visibility to retailers or investors).

What networks, programs and stations offer DRTV rates?

Direct response TV media is available in most national cable, local broadcast, local cable, and syndication properties. Modus Direct will recommend the direct response TV media that is best for each advertiser’s goals, target audience and geography.

Is Direct Response TV media different from Brand media?

Direct response TV media airs intermixed on the same networks and stations as higher cost brand media. The lower rates enjoyed by DRTV marketers are typically secured by purchase on a remnant and preemptible basis and based on the flexibility to run in broad daypart rotations rather than in specific programs. While Gross Rating Points (GRP) are delivered in DRTV media, GRP delivery is not guaranteed; however DRTV marketers measure success based on response/sales not Gross Rating Points or impressions. Program specific direct response TV media is available for a premium on DRTV rates, which are still lower than brand rates.

How is DRTV media buying tracked?

Tracking of DRTV media is achieved by using unique toll-free numbers and web URLs that are unique to each network or station. Weekly and daily tracking of results allows DRTV media buyers or agencies to optimize your campaign weekly based on tracked measures of campaign performance. Other trackable metrics of direct response TV are lift to search, online, and retail channels.

What is Modus’ approach to DRTV media buying and planning?

Based on the Modus team’s extensive experience in direct response TV media buying, our DR media buyers select top performing DRTV networks/stations based on the specific target audience demo combined with historical performance data for each network.  Since Modus has recent relevant experience planning, buying and tracking response and sales against all demographic groups, we know which networks will have the highest probability of success for your DRTV campaign. For ongoing client business Modus continues to strictly monitor results weekly to maintain, optimize and improve DRTV media performance.

What type of DRTV Media Reporting does Modus Direct provide?

Modus Direct provides direct response TV media reporting, including analysis and buy management recommendations to improve results on a weekly basis. Modus’ CoreDirect media buying, tracking and optimization system allows us to provide various reporting options that will meet the unique needs of every client.