Don’t get caught up in the big data hype. It could be costly.

Don’t get caught up in the big data hype. It could be costly.

Since 1994 I have been reviewing the performance of client advertising campaigns – mostly direct response.  In 1994 campaigns utilizing direct response principles were typically direct mail, television (with a TFN only), print and radio. In those days, tracking performance was relatively easy, and WOM (word of mouth) attribution was simply part of the formula. Analyzing business growth, and the contributions to that growth, over distinct periods of time was simply part of the formula. Today, with web, text, social, search, phone, WOM to name a handful, it has made tracking the effectiveness of distinct media channels even more cumbersome.  What I always come back to, however, is the foundation of my direct response upbringing. The foundation is developing a method, agreeing on it with your client, and then executing a model built on baselines and collaboration. This is all regardless of the response mechanisms in which you are tracking. This is all just about the math.

There are many companies that are charging clients hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide insights into the impact television has on their business, but it just isn’t necessary. The findings that direct response professionals have been providing for decades continues to hold true, and the good television experts don’t charge extra for it.

I often reference an experience I had reading a case study that was done by Google on a well know brand. The brand utilized the Google 360 platform to test the creative performance of a campaign. The case study video testimonial delivered a compelling message to viewers as to the test environment and the methodical nature in which Google set up its test. This was not something that was revolutionary for me, this was basic stuff. In fact, we have been doing this for our clients since I have been in the business – since the 90s. We have never charged our clients to simply do our job – which is run the most optimal media, at the best times with the best creative. We constantly challenge the controls and change strategies and measurement based on the trajectory of the business and what the data is telling us.

I know different people can interpret the same data in different ways. But, if everyone is aligned on the method, and all parties are interested in the truth, then the end analysis should always be the same.

At the end of it all, don’t get caught up in the hype. You don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to find the truth in the data. The truth is already there – you simply need a partner, who is also interested in the truth, and has the expertise to help you find it.

Political Dollars Affecting Your Media Buys? Try this!

Political Dollars Affecting Your Media Buys? Try this!

Start TV Network Logo (PRNewsfoto/Weigel Broadcasting Co.)

Check out this article on Weigel Broadcasting Co.’s new multicast entertainment television network- Start TV. 

Start TV could be a another TV option for challenged Media Buyers during these Politically charged times.

Local Political advertising is very dynamic in 2018. For DR clients that are used to reasonable rates and nice frequency, that luxury has gone away since 2nd quarter.

Tampa is a great example.  Local TV is pressed with issues, money and new candidates making their presence known. A resource, if you have an aging demo, are the Antenna’s, GETTV and METV’S of the world. They can help reach your audience without the sticker shock of the Affiliate stations. I have re-worked my schedules for several clients this quarter to include these stations. The results have been a positive blessing.

Tampa will have a new option for broadcast buyers in September. If you have a local market that will have START in your line-up, give it a try if the demo and client sync up. November cannot come soon enough.

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