TV Sync Advertising - Modus Direct

To harness the greatest potential of expanding brand awareness and obtaining sales goals, one of the services we provide is TV sync advertising. By creating a link between content on television and second screens, Modus Direct delivers an uplift in brand recognition, consumer engagement and sales. TV Synced Ads amplify your television reach & frequency and also allow the consumer to engage – making TV actionable.

Below are further details about TV Sync Advertising and how the technology platform works.

What is TV Sync Advertising?

TV synced advertising involves using clever and strategic technology that automatically triggers digital ads or a digital ad campaign specifically based on what is seen and heard on TV (in real time). Almost all of TV viewers multitask using devices to engage in activities like checking emails, browsing the internet, and interacting with show-related content on social media. Our service captures this second screen attention by syncing digital ads with TV content, reaching consumers in real-time across various platforms, including mobile, social media, and Google search ads. Modus Direct enhances brand recognition and consumer engagement by connecting television content with second screens, allowing consumers to interact with what they’re watching.

Why is TV Sync Advertising Relevant?

In a world where TV audiences are multi-screening, the attention attributed to TV advertisements is being eroded. As a result, traditional TV media buying has become less efficient. TV Sync Advertising provides advertisers with an opportunity to re-engage with viewers and make television actionable. These synced ads extend the reach of TV into digital and amplify the brand message. Additionally, by targeting viewers on multiple screens simultaneously, brands can create a cohesive and immersive advertising experience, ensuring higher engagement rates.

TV Synced Ads by Platform

TV Synced Ads on Facebook resulted in a 60% lift in engagement compared to standard ad targeting for an entertainment brand. When used on Twitter, there was a staggering 250% rise in engagement for an entertainment brand. Meanwhile, for a fast-moving consumer goods brand, TV Synced Ads on Display platforms witnessed a 50% increase in click-through rate.

What TV Channels does Modus Direct Cover?

We monitor over 2,200 channels globally, encompassing more than 600 in Europe and over 1,400 in North America, covering all 210 US DMAs. Additionally, our monitoring extends to channels in Latin America and APAC. Monitoring channels in 76 countries allows us a vast reach, and we have the flexibility to activate monitoring in specific territories based on client needs. With this extensive coverage, we ensure that our clients receive real-time, comprehensive insights from a multitude of regions.

How to Optimize TV Synced Ads for Maximum Engagement?

With the rise of multi-screen viewing behavior, simply deploying TV Synced Ads is only the first step. It’s vital to understand how to make these ads truly effective. Factors such as timing, content relevance, creative design, and call-to-action play a crucial role in ensuring that the viewer’s attention is effectively captured. Testing different creative variations, understanding peak engagement times, and leveraging analytics can significantly enhance the performance of TV Synced Ads. Dive deep into the best practices and strategies to harness the full potential of this innovative advertising approach. Understanding how to best utilize a multichannel approach can be a daunting endeavor, but we have helped tons of companies obtain a better understanding and crush their sales goals!