The Year 5 A.i. (After iPhone)

That was a fast five years. Does it really seem like half a decade since Apple introduced its iPhone, forever changing what we expect from the phones we keep in our pockets? Much like e-mail and cell phones before it, it’s hard to imagine conducting business, staying in touch with friends and just going about our daily lives without the invaluable addition of the smartphone. And for better or worse, Apple’s iPhone continues to lead the pack in image and, ahem, sales.  For the time being, the iPhone remains the smartphone.

It’s not just telecommunications and mobile Internet access that the iPhone revolutionized. In the world of media, particularly in advertising, we’ve seen a quantum jump in both production and consumption of media for mobile devices.  The smartphone is an ideal platform for DRTV campaigns: When a consumer receives the message, they’re already connected and ready to act on the offer. Modus Direct’s clients benefit from the Modus Meter, our online tracking system that keeps tabs on clients’ Mobile responses.  Mobile visits in response to ads continue to grow, and Modus is ready.

As we noted in a previous post, spending on mobile ad campaigns has reached well into the billions recently. As the technology and capability of this new and exciting medium continue to grow, it would appear (at least we hope) that the revenue numbers will keep pace.