With the unleashing of the Super PACs driven by the Citizen’s United ruling, many Modus Direct clients asked about the effect it would have on the DR media marketplace in comparison to prior years. We already knew that every political year wreaks havoc on DRTV’s Spot TV clearances and rates, but with an influx of an estimated $3.1 Billion media dollars to spend, would Super PACs need to move into national cable to spend their fortunes? In the end, it turns out most spending (93% or $2.9B) continued to remain in local spot TV, and to be spent heavily (44% or $1.27B) in the last month of the election cycle. While Modus Direct’s team of DRTV buyers were poised to react to any fluctuations in clearance or rates due to the political environment, National Cable DRTV campaigns were largely not impacted by the deluge of Super PAC spending.

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