Celsius Inc. and Modus Direct launched a new national DRTV campaign this week promoting the new Celsius powdered negative calorie drink.

Celsius selected Modus Direct to oversee and manage its first ever television campaign to promote the company’s new line of powdered negative calorie drinks. Celsius sought an agency who is expert in not only national direct response television, but also in using TV media to drive in-store, retail sales. Modus will be responsible for all strategic media planning, media buying and campaign analysis. Though Celsius’s canned products are currently available at major retailers and grocery chains nationwide, this new TV campaign is the catalyst for the introduction of the new powdered version of their product worldwide. Our valued partner Bluewater Media, Clearwater, FL oversaw creative and production, creating both a :60 and :120 format.

In other major news, Celsius announced this week that it has signed fitness and wellness legend Tony Little to be a driving force behind the Celsius family of products.

Celsius specializes in creating healthier great tasting products with functions that people want and need. The sole purpose of the company is the invention, production and marketing of functional nutritional supplements. Celsius is driven to develop innovative products ahead of major trends. Celsius’s work is supported by science and their products can positively impact people’s lives.

One of the biggest differences between Celsius and their competitors is what can’t be found in Celsius. There’s no refined sugar, aspartame or high fructose corn syrup. Without any artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, Celsius a smart choice.

Six scientific studies were conducted on Celsius, which were presented at scientific conferences and published for peer review. Studies were conducted according to strict scientific standards at the University of Oklahoma’s Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Physiology Lab, one of the country’s leading metabolic research facilities. These studies, conducted on the Celsius product, not just the ingredients contained in Celsius concluded that unlike Diet Soda, drinking a can of Celsius actually burns calories.