The Strength & Importance of Print Advertising Among an Older Generation

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where social media feeds act like news sources, it might be easy to overlook the importance of print advertising. Yet, for marketers seeking to target older adults, newspaper advertising remains a cornerstone of any effective marketing campaign. Let’s revisit the key strengths of newspaper advertising among the older generation.


Trust and Credibility

Older adults place a high value on trust and credibility when consuming news and information. Newspapers, with their long history of rigorous journalism standards, offer a level of credibility that many digital sources struggle to match. For older adults who may be more skeptical of online content, newspapers provide a trusted source of information, making advertisements within them more credible by association.


Reach and Engagement

Many older adults have established routines that include reading the newspaper on a regular basis. A 2023 study conducted by Coda Ventures shows that 81% of adults 65 years or older read a newspaper in a typical week. In 2022, a Pew Research study revealed that 64% of adults 65+ follow Local News every single day, compared to 46% of those ages 50-64, 27% of those ages 30-49 and 19% of those ages 18-29. The older generation is clearly actively engaged with local newspapers, which is an enormous advantage compared to other media.


Tangibility of Print Advertising

There’s something inherently satisfying about holding a physical newspaper in hand, flipping through its pages, and immersing oneself in the stories within. For older adults who may be less digitally inclined, the tactile experience of reading a newspaper can be a welcome respite from screens and devices. This tangible engagement with print media extends to newspaper advertisements. Advertisements that can be held, cut out, saved, or referred to is an important strength of newspaper advertising.


Educational Content

The educational content in Newspapers can be leveraged to an advertiser’s benefit. Newspapers offer specialized sections tailored to the interests of older adults, such as healthcare, lifestyle, or retirement. Placements in these sections provide more precise targeting among those most likely to be interested in your product. Plus, companies requiring complex and detailed information in their advertisements work seamlessly among educational content.


Community Connection

Newspapers offer an important connection to community information, like events, meetings, local businesses, and civic happenings. Businesses can position themselves as integral parts of the neighborhood by being placed alongside this information.


In conclusion, while digital advertising offers many benefits, newspaper advertising remains a crucial component of any marketing mix when targeting older adults. With its trustworthiness, reach, engagement, tangibility, educational content and community connection, newspaper advertising offers an environment you can’t get with other forms of media. By recognizing the unique strengths of newspapers, marketers can unlock a wealth of opportunities to connect with older adults in meaningful ways.