Project Description

In 2011 Thundershirt hired Modus Direct to launch their 1st DRTV campaign – now they sell in over 21 countries!

Thundershirt was an innovative new product, invented to address the problem of dog anxiety from thunderstorns, loud noises, travel, separation anxiety, and uncontrollable barking at visitors and other dogs. After building a successful business using the internet and print advertising, Thundershirt wanted to bring their product to a wider audience and open retail doors utilizing direct response television.

Not only did television campaign generated profitable sales, it allowed them to lock up major retailers such as Petsmart, Petco and Bed Bath and Beyond – all within the first six months of the campaign. In addition, Modus Direct was instrumental in securing a home shopping deal with QVC, helping Thundershirt navigate negotiations and optimizing their sales presentations at QVC. This lead to Thundershirt being the #1 Pet Product on QVC.

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