Storm’s A-Brewin’ with Launch of New Thundershirt Creative!

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The launch of Thundershirt’s new branded direct response creative is set for October 22nd. The shoot took place over five days, with two days in studio and three on location (and some VERY early mornings). Emphasizing real customers and true success stories shot in an infinity environment, the new creative continues to elevate Thundershirt’s brand [...]

Meet Sassy, One of Our Four-Legged Associates

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It’s no secret that at Modus Direct we don’t just engineer savvy and successful DRTV campaigns: We’re also a big bunch of softies. Especially when it comes to our four-legged friends. Jean Rebel, our Associate Media Director, recently discovered a fabulous resource for local animals in need and those who love them, Kickapoo Rescue. “After [...]

Thunder Polo!

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Modus Direct client Thundershirt is very excited to announce the release of another great addition to their rapidly expanding product line...the new Polo! The polo works just the same as the original Thundershirt, providing jittery pets with an ongoing, soothing "hug" from the snug fitting garment...with a little flash of style.  

Dog TV?

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Yes, Dog TV. A new cable network will soon launch aimed specifically at... Dogs. The idea being keeping the TV on for your pooch while you're out and about will help them feel less lonely or bored. The "shows" will be segments around three to six minutes long, showing images of natural settings, dogs being [...]