PDMI East & West: Key Conferences for Direct Response Advertising

Imagine a world where the best of the best performance advertisers, media agencies, networks and clients in the industry gather over delicious food & cocktails for opportunities to learn, network, and teach; all while engaging with top networks across television and analytics. That’s what happens during PDMI East and West every year in both Miami and San Diego, for three straight days with key sponsors such as Disney, Comcast, Flowcode, Paramount, Reelz and NBC Universal.


Who attends?

The Performance Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) conference typically attracts professionals and organizations involved in performance-driven marketing. This can include marketers, advertisers, media buyers, agencies, technology providers, data analysts, and representatives from various industries such as e-commerce, retail, finance, and more. Attendees often include individuals looking to explore the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in performance marketing, network with peers, and gain insights from industry leaders and experts during hosted Educational Sessions.


Who can I meet?

Networking opportunities at the Performance Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) conference are typically abundant and diverse, providing attendees with valuable connections and opportunities for collaboration within the performance-driven marketing industry.

PDMI conferences often feature dedicated networking events such as cocktail receptions, networking lunches, and evening socials. These events provide attendees with informal settings to mingle, exchange ideas, and build relationships with fellow marketers, industry experts, and potential business partners.

The conference exhibition hall is a bustling hub where attendees can explore booths and interact with vendors, service providers, and technology companies offering products and services relevant to performance-driven marketing. This provides an excellent opportunity to discover new solutions, forge partnerships, and learn about industry innovations.

In addition, the conferences organize roundtable discussions or facilitated networking sessions on specific topics or industry trends. These sessions allow attendees to engage in focused discussions, share insights, and connect with peers who share similar interests or challenges. After these keynote presentations or panel discussions, speakers often make themselves available for Q&A sessions or meet and greets. This offers attendees the chance to interact directly with industry thought leaders, ask questions, and delve deeper into topics covered during the sessions.

Some of the key panels this year discussed the evolution of CTV and how its targeting Hispanic customers, how to solve the Call-to-Action puzzles, expanding use of QR Codes, use of AI in media and creative agencies.

Overall, networking opportunities at PDMI conferences play a crucial role in fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional growth within the performance-driven marketing community. Attendees can leverage these opportunities to expand their networks, stay abreast of industry developments, and uncover new opportunities for business growth.


What can I learn at PDMI?

At the Performance Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) conference, marketers typically learn about the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in performance-driven marketing. This type of marketing focuses on measurable outcomes, such as leads generated, sales made, or other specific actions taken by consumers in response to marketing efforts. Overall, the PDMI conference provides marketers with valuable insights, practical strategies, and networking opportunities to enhance their skills and stay ahead in the fast-paced world of performance-driven marketing.

Below are some key examples of topics:

Direct Response Marketing: Strategies for creating compelling direct response campaigns that encourage immediate action from consumers, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service.

Data Analytics and Measurement: Techniques for analyzing data to understand consumer behavior, track marketing performance, and optimize marketing campaigns for better results.

Creative and Copywriting: Best practices for crafting persuasive marketing messages and creative assets that resonate with target audiences and drive desired actions.

Media Buying and Optimization: Tips for selecting the right media channels, negotiating advertising rates, and optimizing media buys to maximize ROI.

Industry Insights and Case Studies: Real-world examples and case studies showcasing successful performance-driven marketing campaigns across various industries and verticals.


In conclusion, if you work in the performance marketing industry and want to find the best and proven ways to improve your media while continuing to grow your brand – The Performance Driven Marketing Institute conference is the place to be every spring & fall.