Well it looks like we in the DR world got an early Christmas Present… A new marketing trend report! (Ooo!)

There is some pretty interesting stuff in the very first trend report from Ford. Particularly interesting is that with younger demos, (think 20-30 year-olds) honesty is very important when it comes to a brand’s personality. Younger consumers want to feel like they’re being presented with an accurate representation of whatever it is they’re being sold. Stands to reason that if you’re trying to give someone a reason to believe, they’ve got to trust you first. And as we all should have learned as kids, honesty equals trust.

Perhaps it’s a result of the challenging economic times, perhaps a result of a younger generation trying to live a more sustainable and simpler life, but many younger consumers want to do more with less. At Modus, this is has always been one of our central mantras. While the Ford report cites this as a new trend, to us it’s the way we’ve been doing things.

Read more about the report here.