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What is Connected TV (CTV)?

The difference between CTV and OTT advertising are that CTV refers exclusively to content viewed on TVs without traditional cable, while OTT encompasses all content bypassing cable, including on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Connected TV (CTV) refers to a type of television commonly known as a “Smart TV.” These televisions are equipped with internet connectivity and support various applications where consumers can access and view content. Popular applications include Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Max, Disney Plus, and YouTube TV. A connected TV can be purchased with pre-installed streaming applications, or a separate device can be acquired to enable access to these services. Such devices, which are connected to the internet and can be plugged into a standard television set, include Roku devices, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV.

What is Over The Top Television (OTT)?

Over The Top Television (OTT) represents content that is delivered through internet connections, bypassing traditional cable providers. OTT content encompasses a wide array of platforms, including but not limited to mobile phones, tablets, computers, and Smart TVs. Content from Netflix, mobile applications, YouTube, and websites with banner advertisements are all examples of OTT platforms. Essentially, OTT refers to any content consumed over the internet where advertising opportunities are present.

Distinguishing Between CTV and OTT

Connected TV (CTV) can be considered a specific category within the broader context of Over The Top Television (OTT). CTV relates exclusively to content that is viewed on a TV set, without the use of traditional cable TV, while OTT encompasses all content that bypasses traditional cable, including those viewed on Smart TVs.

From an advertiser’s perspective, advertising on CTV content is generally more effective than advertising on other OTT platforms such as tablets, phones, or computers. The effectiveness of CTV stems from consumers’ familiarity and responsiveness to advertising viewed on television. There is also a heightened sense of legitimacy and engagement when an advertisement is presented on a television screen, compared to when it is displayed on smaller, more personal devices like phones.

What are the Benefits to Advertising on CTV and OTT

Now that we have established that CTV is a subset of OTT, we can discuss the benefits of these advertising channels. As traditional TV makes way for digital platforms, brands investing in CTV and OTT not only stay ahead of industry trends but also benefit from an enhanced viewer experience that often surpasses that of conventional television. These platforms also provide integration with other digital marketing strategies, facilitating a cohesive, multi-channel approach. Overall, CTV and OTT advertising present modern, adaptable, and effective methods for reaching audiences, making them an appealing choice for brands navigating a constantly changing media environment.

The future of CTV and OTT Advertising.

The future of CTV and OTT advertising is characterized by technological advancements that enable personalization, cross-platform integration, and enhanced measurement capabilities. Key trends also encompass the rise of interactive advertising, global reach, and an increased focus on regulatory compliance, sustainability, and social responsibility. These dynamic developments are shaping a complex landscape that presents both challenges and opportunities, making CTV and OTT advertising an essential area for exploration and strategic investment in the modern media environment.

How Modus Uses CTV and OTT to Generate Results for You!

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