Friends and family of Modus Direct gathered to don our green “work crew” vests, slather ourselves with sunblock and bug spray and head out with a good supply of water and garbage bags to clean up our adopted stretch of road on Sarasota’s Honore Avenue.

Teams worked both sides of the road.  We had fun picking up the usual scattered litter. Sadly, there were no briefcases full of money thrown out of cars during high-speed chases like they have in the movies. But that’s not why we do this. Handy pit stops along the way with water and ice were greatly appreciated.

Once we reached the end of Modus’ s stretch of road, we doubled back for clean shirts and washed faces, then all sat down for an awesome post-litter-pick-up lunch.

We’re pooped. Somebody else can get the rest of the streets in town, right?