Modus at DRMA 2012…also in Vegas.

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Here we can see Steph, Mike and Shani at the DRMA awards, at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.  We had a ball with our fellow industry leaders soaking up the unique Vegas atmosphere. This year the DRMA Marketer of the year award went to Sensa.  Something like the DR Oscar, this award of honors [...]

Modus Makes the Vegas Scene at ERA 2012!

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This week Team Modus heads for the neon glow of Las Vegas to join once again in the Electronic Retailing Association Conference. The Conference has been held out in Sin City under one name or another for over twenty years. Is the secret to their success that they've created a dynamic and engaging event, where leaders [...]


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Over five years ago,  Modus was launching campaigns in Google TV, some of the first.  Even then, it was hard to see how Google was going to make it work.  Simple tasks like getting them spots for air were daunting.  Well, it appears they have lost the battle in the traditional media space. Radio, Print [...]

An Item of…Pinterest

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The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus recently took Nutrisystem to task for not issuing the appropriate disclaimers with photos on their Pinterest page of customers who experienced considerable weight loss using their product. Luckily, it was a simple editorial oversight and was resolved quickly to everyone's satisfaction. Testimonials are a vital [...]

The Year 5 A.i. (After iPhone)

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The Year 5 A.i. (After iPhone) That was a fast five years. Does it really seem like half a decade since Apple introduced its iPhone, forever changing what we expect from the phones we keep in our pockets? Much like e-mail and cell phones before it, it’s hard to imagine conducting business, staying in touch [...]

Response Expo 2012: The Postgame

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How to drive retail sales, whether getting a product onto the shelf, or driving retail sales of current in store products, was the number one topic of discussion with DRTV clients and interested companies this year at Response Expo.  2012 has been a high profile year for drive to retail campaigns at Modus Direct. Word [...]

The Leader of the Brands

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While we at Modus Direct work with both some of the most respected and well-known brands on the market and fresh-faced newcomers, we find articles like this inspiring and motivating for imagining just how much potential there is to  tap into with each client. Here’s the Story.

Remote vs. Mouse

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Web campaigns are just as demanding as traditional productions to successfully execute, yet the goal is still to look fantastic on a screen in front of millions of eyeballs. This article gives an accurate, albeit broad stroke outline for the essentials of success with one foot in each medium. Check it out here.

Radio, Radio!

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Perhaps the Crystal Ball was off, after all. Media Post reports that radio heavy-hitters Clear Channel, Salem and Radio One all enjoyed boosts in their first-quarter results. There's the old joke about some people having a face for radio, but right now radio's looking pretty good. Get the whole story here.

Gaze Into The Crystal Ball

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Media Post makes some interesting predictions for the near future in spending trends for advertisement. TV and online media are sitting pretty, but newspaper and radio will probably take a hit. On the bright side, thanks to the Election, about $2.5 Billion will be spent in political ads. On the down side, we'll all have to [...]