Purple Mattress Uses CTV, OTT, and DRTV to Crush Performance Goals

Modus met Purple team members at a MediaPost conference in which we were speaking about the effectiveness of OTT and how to execute successful campaigns. During the conversation the Purple representative shared they were struggling with their Television campaign performance and analytics.  Modus conducted a 3-month audit on past television media performance, and presented a 65 page document outlining the top areas of performance, the worst, opportunities, optimizations and developed an attribution model to help Purple to start to understand the impact television was having on their overall business. We conducted this audit completely free of charge.

The only cost was that we would be allowed to come and present in person. Purple hired Modus in 2018. Since our engagement to provide national and local television media planning, buying and analytics services, we have overachieved all the goals and the previous performance. We were also retained to handle their Terrestrial Radio, Satellite Radio, Streaming and Podcasts. These Radio/Podcasts campaigns are also outperforming the previous agency.


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