Leveraging linear TV, CTV, print and OOH to reach every Michigander.

Priority Health, reached out to Modus Direct to utilize targeted Direct to Consumer Television as the main channel to reach enrollment goals in a market previously dominated by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

So how could we get people to take notice of a challenger brand in a tough marketplace? We blanketed Michigan with Direct Response TV spots that featured a savvy spokesperson answering the top questions Michiganders had about Medicare AND we offered a FREE booklet to help people make the smart decision for their Medicare needs.

In the end, the campaign crushed all quote and enrollment goals and proved that a targeted optimized direct response campaign backed with real-time insightful analytics can challenge even the mightiest competitors…


The Modus team approached this challenge from two different directions. First, we ran a competitive spend review to understand  the stations and sources that have been successful in this space. We also ran existing Kizik customers through a profiling tool to better understand who they are and what interest drive them.

Plans were developed based on these projects that incorporated a combination of linear television stations that matched consumer behaviors and targeting segments for the Connected TV world that best targeted most likely new customers.

Advertising started off weighted heavier toward CTV ads and the campaign achieved positive ROAS in the 2nd month. Weekly optimization has been run throughout this campaign to maximize profitability between not only linear and connected TV, but also among the networks and segments that are being employed within these sources.

This optimization paid off during the Holiday season when ad spend doubled from most months without a negative impact on ROAS.


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