What makes Facebook a great platform for Direct Response?

In today’s world, social media is a part of almost everyone’s day to day life. Facebook paved the way, starting out as a way to connect with schoolmates, however, its purpose has now moved beyond that. Users now use the platform for working purposes, consuming news, debating current affairs, shopping, organizing events, and even for gathering recommendations on businesses or products.


Facebook alone has two billion users a month, making it the most popular social media platform out there. Pew Research Center found in 2016, eight-in-ten online Americans (79%) use Facebook. Not only does Facebook capture the largest audience, but it also has the widest range of targeting capabilities. Part of this is attributed to information gathered on users based on their profiles and interactions, and the other part of this is Facebook’s partnerships with third party data sources.

All of the above makes Facebook a great platform to advertise on it. But what makes it a great companion for Direct Response?

There are three main reasons:
1. Direct Response Ads
2. Affordability
3. Tracking and optimization
First, Facebook has ads specifically designed for Direct response, such as:
– Dynamic ads, which pull images and details from your shopping site to advertise various products
– lead ads, which direct users to a fillable form
– Link ads, which direct users to a desired URL
Additionally, Facebook provides the option to add a Call to Action (CTA) button, such as “Shop Now”, “Apply Now”, “Sign Up Now”, “Learn More”, etc. These buttons can be linked to the advertiser’s website or a Lead Form, which directs consumers to a desired destination with one simple click. There are no extra steps of writing down a phone number or website URL. Another useful feature is Facebook’s ability to optimize for link clicks or conversions – this means Facebook will try to show your ad to only the people it thinks will click your link or will convert on your website.

The next reason Facebook is ideal for Direct Response is its affordability. Facebook is the most affordable social platform to advertise on. Being that it is the most affordable, it makes it a great platform to test on if you’re new to advertising on social media.

Lastly, performance can be tracked in real time and changes can be made in a matter of seconds. Facebook has a number of metrics it tracks within the platform such as: reach, impressions, frequency, link clicks, click through rate, etc. Facebook also has additional tracking options for visibility beyond the social platform with the Facebook Pixel. By using the Facebook Pixel, you can keep track of consumer behavior beyond the social platform, and these actions can be fed back to Facebook to enhance targeting and conversion optimization.


Your Customers Want to Text You!

Meet your audience where they already are – on their smartphone!

According to a study by RingCentral, 78% of consumers actually wish they could have a text conversation with a business. The evidence is mounting that smartphones are the primary way consumers interact with each other, and it’s no surprise they want the same from brands.

According to a Nielsen survey Americans text twice as much as they call, on average. 81% of medical and dental patients have indicated that they prefer appointment confirmations and reminders via text (versus 41% via email). If you walk into a Target store you’ll see signage prompting customers to text for coupons, or even to apply for a job. Target uses texting to marry physical and digital shopping experiences, and advertisers can use the same strategy to connect media consumption and direct response. 57% of people use their smartphones while watching TV, and 93% have them handy. This means you can use a text CTA to meet your customers halfway, offering to interact via their preferred method of communication – texting.



Connect with your audience NOW – ask them to engage!

51% of all television ads now show a URL, but only 30% contain a clear call to action. URL’s have moved out of simply being a direct response mechanism and become integral with brands themselves. Cutting through the barrage of URLs washing over your audience is crucial if you want to connect, and offering an instantaneous way to connect via text does exactly that. A text offer creates a sense of urgency and real time connection with your audience.

Take advantage of unparalleled consumer attention – people actually read their texts!
Let’s put this in perspective. 8 trillion text messages were sent last year, and 95% of them were read within minutes. Meanwhile, only 14% of phone calls were answered without being placed on hold (I don’t have to write about why that’s less than ideal) and the average consumer receives 1,216 emails per month, but doesn’t even open 20% of them. This is big, this means that once you do have the conversation started via text, your conversions and remarketing efforts stand to benefit from a level of consumer attention that no other response mechanism can offer.

TV advertising and Analytics research


DRTV Must Haves

For a successful launch of a DRTV (or any advertising campaign), there are 3 crucial ingredients: Creative, Media and Back-end Operations. Some people in the industry may say one of these is more important than others, however, if all three of these are not properly done, you will be left with a recipe for failure.

It is very important for your creative to do a few simple things:
1. Address the problem
2. Show how your product or service solves the problem
3. Have a strong call to action to make the consumer react immediately by calling a phone number or going to a website.
You must speak to the customer that may be in the market for your product, and then ask them for the sale with a strong call to action.

An expertly thought out media plan is equally critical for a successful DRTV campaign. The media plan for your DRTV campaign should be developed using every tool available to your media agency: ratings, rates, research, competition, as well as DRTV experience. While running a commercial for a home improvement product on HGTV sounds like a no-brainer, the cost for spots on the station may be too high for it to be profitable. Also, some stations or programs have a very high engagement levels like live sports, so customers may be less likely to respond out of fear of missing out what happens when the commercial break is over. It is important to not only identify what your potential customer is watching, but hit that at the right time when they are ready to buy.

Having the back-end operations set up correctly can easily be an overlooked aspect of a DRTV campaign, but is just as important as creative and media. If you have a rock-star creative and media in the perfect places at the right prices, but have no way to order the product, then ultimately your campaign will fail. Seamless setup of a call center, landing pages and fulfillment are all needed to make sure that when customers do respond, they can quickly and easily buy your product and/or sign up for your service.

The experts at Modus Direct can help you with all three aspects of a successful DRTV campaign. We can help write and shoot your next creative, buy your media efficiently, and help with all aspects of back-end operations to make sure that your campaign is set up for success before it launches. Contact us today to learn more!

Take a Closer Look

Nikon recently published the winners of the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition. You gotta see this stuff to believe it. Some of the images of the tiniest things in our world are truly overwhelming. For us at Modus, it confirms our belief that paying attention to the smallest details often makes the biggest difference. It’s this philosophy that allows us to create successful campaigns again and again. You can see photos from the contest here.

Tell Mom You’re at the Library

You won’t be alone. An encouraging study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project shows that eight out of every ten Americans between 16 and 29 read a book in the last year, and six out of ten used their local library.

Though it’s undeniable the advent of e-books is changing the way many of us read, especially those on the younger end of the spectrum, it’s quite heartening and reassuring to know that, according to this study, more than half of US High School kids consider the library to be “very important”. That’s quite telling in the age of Wikipedia.

But perhaps the coolest stat from the study shows that our most voracious readers are some of the youngest among us. 86% of Americans surveyed between 16 and 17 read a book in the last year, and 88% of those aged 18-24 cracked a book in the past 12 months.

This makes us happy at Modus because we truly believe a smart, well-informed customer is the ideal audience for the innovative campaigns and ideas we strive to put forth. And the surest path to being well-informed is being well-read.

There’s a lot more to the study, which can be read here.

Modus Direct Proud to Partner with Sarasota’s Safe Children Coalition

This holiday season, Modus Direct seeks to give back to our community by doing what we can to help some of the most vulnerable among us: abused and neglected children. Sarasota’s Safe Children Coalition (SCC) is a cooperative effort between the Sarasota YMCA and other local agencies and organizations concerened with the welfare of our kids. Modus is grateful that we are able to sponsor a child this holiday season, hopefully bringing some warmth and joy into the life of a child in need.

 If you’d like to learn more about the SCC, visit their website here.

Modus Checks In With the Asolo Repertory Theatre!

Modus attended the Chamber 12@12 November trustee meeting at the Asolo Repertory Theatre.  The Theatre unveiled what is happening within their organization and industry, while Modus provided its own corporate updates to other leaders in the community.

We also got a sneak peak at the production opening this week on November 13th1776.  According to the Asolo, 1776 is “A brilliant and visionary high-spirited musical that movingly and often hilariously captures the great galvanizing moment in the American Story: the signing of the Declaration of Independence. As it turns out, giving birth to the U.S. wasn’t exactly easy, but Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the other original revolutionaries were determined to bring this country into being. 1776 celebrates these proud, frightened, uncertain, irritable, charming, often petty, and ultimately noble figures, who were determined to do the right thing for a fledgling nation, against all the odds”. Right on. To that Modus would like to add: USA!

Learn more about the Asolo Repertory Theatre here.

Modus Picks It Up!


The Trash that is. On October 12, Modus Direct was proud to conduct our fourth roadside trash pick-up along Honore Ave. in Sarasota. We’ve still got one more planned before the end of the year. As always, good times were had by the Modus Family keeping our hometown looking great, and we have to say now that it’s Fall (or at least what we call Fall here in Sarasota), it’s a lot nicer being outside now than on those sweltering summer days! Looking forward to the next and final Clean-Up for 2012. Geez, how is it almost Christmas again?







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