What makes Facebook a great platform for Direct Response?

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In today’s world, social media is a part of almost everyone’s day to day life. Facebook paved the way, starting out as a way to connect with schoolmates, however, its purpose has now moved beyond that. Users now use the platform for working purposes, consuming news, debating current affairs, shopping, organizing events, and even for [...]

Hail Direct Response!

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What was once an afterthought needs to become an integral part of a Brands advertising strategy. The belief that if people knew that your brands existed, they would see it on a shelf and buy it is unrealistic. The retail experience is going extinct. In an interview with Business Insider Warren Buffet discusses how the [...]


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The Modus Direct media team were recently discussing making optimizations & testing for a campaign and a bunch of questions flew around the room, some could be answered and some couldn’t. It was then that we decided the next blog post should be written on good CRM. Clients need a good CRM to fully understand [...]

DRTV Must Haves

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For a successful launch of a DRTV (or any advertising campaign), there are 3 crucial ingredients: Creative, Media and Back-end Operations. Some people in the industry may say one of these is more important than others, however, if all three of these are not properly done, you will be left with a recipe for failure. [...]