Short form production is a direct response television term pertaining to one and two minute creative formats. This means the production output is literally a :60 and a :120 second commercial, also known as a spot.

So it’s common to hear long form vs. short form DRTV language when talking to production and media companies. In other words, an infomercial vs. a spot.

Short form creative production has many advantages, and the product or service usually dictates when short form creative is the appropriate creative format. Some good rules of thumb for short form are price points below $39.95, or, multi-pay on higher priced products; simple, impulse driven products which are easily understood; sales lead generation for subscription services, appointment setting, etc. With short form creative, there exists a greater opportunity for media frequency and brand exposure, as short inventory is significantly more abundant than infomercial media time.

Much like an infomercial, there is a distinct, proven formula for successful DRTV short form creative. Regardless of the :60 or :120 formats, these required elements must be understood, planned and accounted for prior to production.  With much less selling time in short form creative vs. an infomercial, the script is one of the most critical components of a spot.

Short form production can also meet many of your company’s strategies. For example, short form can:

  • Drive consumers to retail locations
  • Generate quick cash flow
  • Increase brand awareness quickly, particularly with new product launches
  • Drive GRPs at a lower cost than a brand media approach
  • Save money on production costs

To find out if short form production is right for your program, contact Modus Direct today. We’re experts in short form creative, offer modeling and media management.

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