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FAQ: TV Synced Ads

99% of today’s TV viewers report multi-tasking as they watch (Tivo). They use their phones and tablets to check email, search for content, play a game, use an app, browse the internet or catch up on their social media status, maybe even commenting on a show’s fan page or #hashtag.

We offer the ability to capture second screen attention by identifying the ad or program on TV and sending a trigger to digital advertising buying platforms to reach consumers in real time, perfectly in sync with the TV content. Our TV Synced Ads capabilities integrates across channels including display, online video, mobile, social, and even Google search ads.

By creating a link between content on television and second screens, Modus Direct delivers an uplift in brand recognition, consumer engagement and sales. TV Synced Ads amplify your television reach & frequency and also allow the consumer to engage – making TV actionable.

Below are further details about TV Synced Ads and how the product works.

What are TV Synced Ads?

The general concept of TV Synced Ads is simple: when certain TV programs, moments or commercials air, a trigger is sent within seconds to your digital ad buying platforms ad to surround the audience with your ads on the second screen. Digital channels enabled for TV Synced Ads include the most visited social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, popular mobile apps, high traffic websites, paid search or any property where programmatic media can be purchased. Essentially, we help to ensure delivery of ads on companion or second screen devices while consumers are watching TV.

Why are TV Synced Ads relevant?

In a world where TV audiences are multi-screening, the attention attributed to TV advertisements is being eroded. As a result, traditional TV media buying has become increasingly inefficient. TV Synced Ads provide advertisers with an opportunity to re-engage with viewers and make television actionable. These ads extend the reach of TV into digital and amplify the brand message.

TV Synced Ads for Facebook

60% lift in engagement against standard Facebook ad targeting for an Entertainment brand

TV Synced Ads for Twitter

250% lift in engagement on Twitter for an Entertainment brand

TV Synced Ads for Display

50% increase in click-through rate (CTR) for a fast-moving consumer goods brand

How many TV channels do you cover?

We monitor over 2,200 channels worldwide, including over 600 in Europe and over 1,400 in the North America covering all 210 US DMAs. We also monitor channels in Latin America and APAC. Monitoring channels in 76 countries, we can turn on monitoring in specific territories according to client demand.

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