Take a moment to check out the Southeastern Guide Dogs website. These folks are located just two blocks away from us. The folks on both two and four legs over there provide an amazing service to the community. Check out their site here.
Volunteers from community businesses and individuals came together at parks throughout the county on Saturday, April 7, 2012 to pick up litter for the Great American Clean Up (here’s their website: http://www.kab.org/site/PageServer?pagename=gaclanding). The Modus Green Team gathered at Colonial Oaks Park and Ken Thompson Park in Sarasota, Florida. We had a blast. We couldn’t have asked for…
Behold!  Modus client Thundershirt:  The #1 Pet Product on QVC!
Is your old smart phone or iPad sitting unused on a shelf or in some drawer?  There’s good news! We are excited to announce UpCycle America launched its Direct Response TV campaign, offering cash for digital devices. Their motto is “Don’t Recycle, Upcycle.” Rob Graham, President of UpCycle America, chose Modus Direct to launch the campaign.  “The…
Our new Lasik Vision Institute campaign is launching Monday in markets around the country! http://www.lasikvisioninstitute.com/  
Be on the lookout for the new Briggs & Stratton direct reponse television commercial featuring the new Amplifi.  The product was launched last October 2011 in select markets.  Watch for the product at your local Lowes Spring and Summer 2012!
How can you not get a smile on your face with Calvin and Hobbes! To paraphrase E.B. White, the perfect sentence is one from which nothing can be added or removed. Every word plays its part. In my more giddy moments I think that a simple comic strip featuring Calvin, a preternaturally bright six year-old,…
Better think twice before Facebooking that photo of you with a lampshade on your head... http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/170498/1-in-5-tech-firms-rejected-a-job-applicant-because.html?edition=44884
Here's an excellent article from SearchEngineWatch on creating landing pages that convert. Read and compare to what you are doing currently. http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2161567/Killer-Landing-Pages-3-Examples-of-Landing-Pages-that-Convert
10 easy steps for getting it all done - in business or your personal life. http://www.openforum.com/articles/10-steps-to-getting-more-done-in-your-day?extlink=em-openf-SBdaily  
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