COVID-19: Is Podcast listenership up or down?

Podtrac: Podcast consumption is changing too. Adjustments to media placements are critical.

  • Podcast streams and downloads during peak weekday morning commute times were down an average of 29% for the week of April 13-19 compared to the week of March 2-8 across all Podtrac measured podcasts.
  • Weekends: On Saturday April 18 the peak hour was up 9%, and for Sunday April 19 the peak hour was up 20%.
  • Top Genre Categories: YTD Biggest hits in Unique Weekly Audience are Sports and Society and Culture. News peaked week of Mar 9.
  • All Categories: 4 of the 5 last 5-weeks have shown positive growth in the Fiction category of Podcasts.
Podcast: U.S Unique Weekly Audience: Top Categories
U.S Weekly Podcast Downloads: All Categories
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