Hard-Hitting Jingles – Generating Response

Jingles are back, and they do work! Modus Direct currently has a radio client, Bradley Dworkin, that is using radio to support their advertising efforts. Over a year ago, we introduced a :30 Jingle into the creative rotation. When the Jingle was introduced, the calls increased 18%. That Jingle was the most consistent creative week-over-week in terms of calls and ultimate sales.  It has an upbeat hip-hop R&B feel targeting the demo and ultimately fortifying their brand.

There is a great article in InsideRadio (see below) on the success of jingles and the neuroscience behind it. We know they work, but why? Here’s a part of that article:

Neuroscience has helped validate something advertisers intuitively knew for decades but couldn’t necessarily prove: the power of jingles or audio signatures… Ace Hardware brought back its iconic “Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man” jingle in 2013.

“Jingles are using the same neural resources for the communication of ideas about brands,” says Dr. Bradley Vines, director of Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, Europe.

The research shows that rhythm, rhymes and repetition—the essential building blocks of the jingle—are hooks that catch in long-term memory and firmly entrench the idea in a person’s mind. In other words, highly effective advertising.

Having a proven Jingle in your campaign can enhance your ability to get your message across, create more brand awareness, and increase sales. Plus, you can have some fun along the way. Bum ba-dum bum bum bum.


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