Your Customers Want to Text You!

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Meet your audience where they already are – on their smartphone!

According to a study by RingCentral, 78% of consumers actually wish they could have a text conversation with a business. The evidence is mounting that smartphones are the primary way consumers interact with each other, and it’s no surprise they want the same from brands.

According to a Nielsen survey Americans text twice as much as they call, on average. 81% of medical and dental patients have indicated that they prefer appointment confirmations and reminders via text (versus 41% via email). If you walk into a Target store you’ll see signage prompting customers to text for coupons, or even to apply for a job. Target uses texting to marry physical and digital shopping experiences, and advertisers can use the same strategy to connect media consumption and direct response. 57% of people use their smartphones while watching TV, and 93% have them handy. This means you can use a text CTA to meet your customers halfway, offering to interact via their preferred method of communication – texting.



Connect with your audience NOW – ask them to engage!

51% of all television ads now show a URL, but only 30% contain a clear call to action. URL’s have moved out of simply being a direct response mechanism and become integral with brands themselves. Cutting through the barrage of URLs washing over your audience is crucial if you want to connect, and offering an instantaneous way to connect via text does exactly that. A text offer creates a sense of urgency and real time connection with your audience.

Take advantage of unparalleled consumer attention – people actually read their texts!
Let’s put this in perspective. 8 trillion text messages were sent last year, and 95% of them were read within minutes. Meanwhile, only 14% of phone calls were answered without being placed on hold (I don’t have to write about why that’s less than ideal) and the average consumer receives 1,216 emails per month, but doesn’t even open 20% of them. This is big, this means that once you do have the conversation started via text, your conversions and remarketing efforts stand to benefit from a level of consumer attention that no other response mechanism can offer.

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