Brands: When fishing for customers, Modus can help you keep your lines tight and your rods bent

Most brands / agencies are about brand awareness. They “Chum” the waters with an ad and hope that reach and frequency will get their name out there to the masses.  At Modus, we look at advertising as a means to increase brand performance through a call to action.  What is “brand performance” you ask?  It is the ability for the brand to get customers to buy product through a call to action while promoting its brand through effective use of media.  Reach and frequency are important but utilizing data and targeting to get the customer to buy is what we are after.

We will “cover the water” for you through our capability to plan and buy media across TV, Social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat) and Radio.  Our bleeding edge tools and platforms allow us to plan and buy media efficiently and at the best economic value to you.  As an agency Modus invents in a wide range of research tools; Kantar, MRI, iSpot and Nielsen to ensure we have the data needed to plan an effective marketing campaign.  Modus has unique experience in data mining, prospect modeling, lead generation, push marketing, offer development and results monitoring for our clients which all results in brand awareness.

Our expertise goes beyond just media planning and buying.  Our team of creative experts provide the correct “bait” for the message you want for your customers.  We can work with you to create  TV, Social and Radio spots.  One of our agency strengths is our diverse and talented creative staff, capable of concepting and executing a growing portfolio of communication mediums.

At Modus, we believe in collaboration across all of the media platforms we buy.  You will never have “tangled lines” with our crew.  Whether it’s TV, Social or Radio, we work as a team to ensure you have a successful campaign building brand awareness and your bottom line. Our goal is to develop rapport and synergy with our clients and arm clients with the best team to “captain” your business with strategic

leadership and expertise.  We have experts in the development of television and social media strategy and subscribe to the tools that will help our clients monitor and manage their brand’s industry. Our focus is to make your integrated marketing work together with optimal impact and efficiencies, gaining added value opportunities whenever possible.

When you do land your catch, we provide attribution and custom reporting to ensure that your campaign meets all “size and limit” requirements.  We have an analytics department which allows Modus to deep dive into both the client’s historical data and current data to find the best performing media at the lowest cost.

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