Integrity and Success

Integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards.

This cannot be truer because if you have lied and cheated to climb a ladder of success you did not earn it you have stolen it. There can be a tendency in our industry to “fake it until you make it”.  Sadly, that behavior goes on all the time.  I’m not saying there aren’t good people with integrity that work in advertising, because there are, but what people can sometimes do in our business is try to convince people to spend their money, sometimes money they don’t even have, on the goods and services that you are marketing.  In a ‘sell yourself world’ sometime the lines get blurred between truth and over-embellishment.   The mentality that you constantly have to ‘one-up’ the next person or agency is so pervasive that it can lead to promises which just cannot be kept.

The ad biz is constantly changing. What could very well be the correct answer one day is outdated the next. What people fail to accept is that it is acceptable not to have all the answers all the time.  Should you be well rehearsed in your area of expertise, stay on top of trends and industry news? Absolutely! But it is ok to say, “I’m not 100% sure, but I will find out.”  I think most people would rather hear that than be lied to, because then, before you know it, you have to tell more lies just to cover up your first one.  It’s a dead-end street.

You also have to own up to your mistakes. That can be tough, but everyone makes mistakes. It is how you handle those mistakes that can make all the difference. As a mentor of mine once said, “We are not performing heart surgery.” The faster a mistake can be handled the better the outcome.

The longer you’ve been in any business the more you will see, encounter, and learn. The best part of experience, good or bad, is what you take away from it.  When you go about your daily business with honesty and integrity your clients will know and trust you. If there is anything that will follow you from job to job it is your reputation; it follows you everywhere. So always treat your reputation with care. Your integrity and success depend on it.

At Modus Direct we believe – “GOOD KARMA IS GOOD BUSINESS.”

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