The Modus Direct media team were recently discussing making optimizations & testing for a campaign and a bunch of questions flew around the room, some could be answered and some couldn’t. It was then that we decided the next blog post should be written on good CRM.

Clients need a good CRM to fully understand the funnel that their customers follow when converting, but CRM are just as important for agency partners making media decisions on their clients’ behalf.

The beauty of DR campaigns is the trackability, but only if it is done properly. This is where CRM programs come into play. These tools can track not only the customer that respond to the desired call to action, i.e. calling a tracked phone number or visiting a specific URL, but will also help track and define those “halo” customers. These are customers that will call a local number instead of the toll-free number displayed on the TV commercial or searching the business on Google instead of visiting the unique URL on the ad. Customers are influenced by the campaign, but did not go through the designated call to action the campaign was promoting. These instances are the halo effect of the campaign and can be challenging to account for in traditional media. The proper tracking helps validate media vehicles or network selection.

A good CRM tool will also provide insights on which network, daypart, creative, etc., is delivering the most calls verses conversions. This allows your agency to make informed decisions on where the most qualified audiences are for your brand.
Another way to get the most from your CRM tool is to export data and create lookalike modeling on customers that have converted. These data sets can be used across many platforms including traditional media.
The proper tool can increase ROI by eliminating waste in your media schedule, assist with tracking, engaging and converting customers in a more efficient manner. Here at Modus we form true partnerships with our clients and assist in evaluating the current CRM program will allow you to achieve your advertising goals.

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