Enzyte 24/7 to Launch on May 1st

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May 1st marks the release date of Enzyte 24/7, which replaces its predecessor, Enzyte. Enzyte 24/7 represents an giant leap forward in the support of male enhancement and erectile health which reflects of industry trends and customer feedback. Enzyte 24/7. The product fosters peak sexual function while bolstering enhancement, health and safety. Formulated by industry [...]

Turning The Tide

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According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the trend of the younger generation of Americans to be more highly educated than their parents is starting to ebb. As the world marketplace grows exponentially more competitive, it's vital for young Americans to have the intellectual muscle to compete with their counterparts overseas. Here at [...]

Enzyte Launches Their New Site

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Modus client Enzyte marked the beginning of their new campaign with the launch of their brand new website for their well-known male performance product. Though the product is the same, Enyzte's now showing a more mature, classy aspect of their company and product. We're very excited to be working with them to grow the brand [...]

Everybody’s Watching

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Their tablets, that is. This story overlaps with another post we did about what people are doing with their tablets while watching TV. What's interesting to note, however, is that it's no longer just the young demos that are "jacked in" with the most current devices. It's everybody. Maybe this mean's the future is officially [...]

The DVR Achilles’ Heel

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A recent UK study finds that advertising running running on Internet connected smart TV's has a greater chance of reaching viewers than ads found on conventional TV.  Not only that, on those surveyed, the intent to buy was 2.5 times higher than the folks in the non-exposed control group. It could be because it's harder [...]

The Law of Increasing Returns

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When we talk about technology, something known as The Law of Increasing Returns is sometimes brought up. A great example would be the thousands of years of people attempting to fly before the Wright Brothers had their moment at Kitty Hawk. (Yeah, we know, hot air balloons, but you get our point) Either way, less [...]

Big Money in Mobile

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This is pretty fascinating. It really stands to reason though: if you want to get your campaign in front of as many eyeballs as possible, go to where the eyeballs are... looking at their phones. Analysts predict that in 2012 spending for mobile ads will be up 85% at an estimated $11.6 Billion. That's a [...]