LASIK Vision Institute uses our DRTV Agency and Runs a Spanish DRTV Campaign

Project Description

The LASIK Vision Institute is one of the leading LASIK surgery providers in the world. They have performed over 1,100,000 LASIK eye surgery procedures across their national footprint of surgery centers in the US. The LASIK Vision Institute had two failed attempts at executing a DRTV campaign. In 2012, that all changed when they hired Modus Direct. Since working with Modus The LASIK Vision Institute has grown substantially and because of the capabilities and recommendation of Modus they have also launched a Spanish campaign that has seen immense growth and positive performance.

Spanish Campaign
45% Better Performance
than English Campaigns
200% Growth
in Nationwide
Surgery Centers
Tons of Fun on
Our Weekly Calls

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Lasik Vision Institue: Spanish Version
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