Tell Mom You’re at the Library

You won’t be alone. An encouraging study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project shows that eight out of every ten Americans between 16 and 29 read a book in the last year, and six out of ten used their local library.

Though it’s undeniable the advent of e-books is changing the way many of us read, especially those on the younger end of the spectrum, it’s quite heartening and reassuring to know that, according to this study, more than half of US High School kids consider the library to be “very important”. That’s quite telling in the age of Wikipedia.

But perhaps the coolest stat from the study shows that our most voracious readers are some of the youngest among us. 86% of Americans surveyed between 16 and 17 read a book in the last year, and 88% of those aged 18-24 cracked a book in the past 12 months.

This makes us happy at Modus because we truly believe a smart, well-informed customer is the ideal audience for the innovative campaigns and ideas we strive to put forth. And the surest path to being well-informed is being well-read.

There’s a lot more to the study, which can be read here.

Modus Direct Proud to Partner with Sarasota’s Safe Children Coalition

This holiday season, Modus Direct seeks to give back to our community by doing what we can to help some of the most vulnerable among us: abused and neglected children. Sarasota’s Safe Children Coalition (SCC) is a cooperative effort between the Sarasota YMCA and other local agencies and organizations concerened with the welfare of our kids. Modus is grateful that we are able to sponsor a child this holiday season, hopefully bringing some warmth and joy into the life of a child in need.

 If you’d like to learn more about the SCC, visit their website here.

Modus Checks In With the Asolo Repertory Theatre!

Modus attended the Chamber 12@12 November trustee meeting at the Asolo Repertory Theatre.  The Theatre unveiled what is happening within their organization and industry, while Modus provided its own corporate updates to other leaders in the community.

We also got a sneak peak at the production opening this week on November 13th1776.  According to the Asolo, 1776 is “A brilliant and visionary high-spirited musical that movingly and often hilariously captures the great galvanizing moment in the American Story: the signing of the Declaration of Independence. As it turns out, giving birth to the U.S. wasn’t exactly easy, but Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the other original revolutionaries were determined to bring this country into being. 1776 celebrates these proud, frightened, uncertain, irritable, charming, often petty, and ultimately noble figures, who were determined to do the right thing for a fledgling nation, against all the odds”. Right on. To that Modus would like to add: USA!

Learn more about the Asolo Repertory Theatre here.

Modus Launches New Campaign with Neater Feeder!

Modus Direct is ecstatic to announce the launch of our latest campaign with our new partners at Neater Feeder! Neater Feeder is an ingenious device which eliminates the spills and messes associated with feeding pets. Neater Feeder is the first and only spill proof, kick proof and ant proof pet feeding system. The patented two-tiered feeding station catches spilled water in the bottom, while food is trapped in the top, eliminating the constant cleaning associated with pets.

It has seen great success on QVC and is currently in thousands of retail stores across the country.

We shot the spots in Clearwater, FL, using actual Neater Feeder users. Fourteen dogs appeared on camera for this shoot as well.

Modus will oversee the creative, media and call center management for this campaign, which began on October 29th. You can learn more about Neater Feeder here.

Now go fill that coffee cup and check out our new spot here!



Modus Goes to Medtrade!

Last week, Modus President Shani Reardon attended the Medtrade show in Atlanta. Medtrade is the biggest US trade show focused solely on home medical equipment.

Shani found the show fun and engaging. “It was a really great show because I was able to see all the products that are out in the market that assist with daily living”, she said.  “I was really jazzed about some of the innovations in walkers and canes, along with some other personal hygiene consumer packaged goods products.”

You can learn more about Medtrade here.

Modus Picks It Up!


The Trash that is. On October 12, Modus Direct was proud to conduct our fourth roadside trash pick-up along Honore Ave. in Sarasota. We’ve still got one more planned before the end of the year. As always, good times were had by the Modus Family keeping our hometown looking great, and we have to say now that it’s Fall (or at least what we call Fall here in Sarasota), it’s a lot nicer being outside now than on those sweltering summer days! Looking forward to the next and final Clean-Up for 2012. Geez, how is it almost Christmas again?







Storm’s A-Brewin’ with Launch of New Thundershirt Creative!

The launch of Thundershirt’s new branded direct response creative is set for October 22nd. The shoot took place over five days, with two days in studio and three on location (and some VERY early mornings). Emphasizing real customers and true success stories shot in an infinity environment, the new creative continues to elevate Thundershirt’s brand presentation. We are beyond proud of Thundershirt’s evolution both into a household name, as well as the spot it’s earned as the gold standard in the market.

Forget the Little Old Lady From Pasadena, watch out for Margaret from Michigan!

At 102, Margaret Dunning puts any younger grease monkey to shame. For 63 years, she’s been personally caring for her classic Packard car, changing the oil and keeping it running all on her own. And apparently it hasn’t been too long since her last speeding ticket. We can only hope we not only all get to live as long as Margaret, but also have as great a trip as she’s had. Read more about Margaret and her car here.

The Secret to Breaking Through for Online Marketers? The TV Guide!

The TV Guiding customers to your product, that is. On his blog, Atomic Direct CEO Doug Garnett highlights an interesting, recent study that shows how, despite the ever-growing dominance of online media and content, good old-fashioned, offline-but-everybody-still-watches-it TV can make all the difference in a brand’s success. Why? Because, among other reasons, TV still has an unmatched reach when it comes to getting your message to as broad an audience as possible. True, there is some risk venturing offline, but no great success was ever engineered without some risk… and Modus has the experience and know-how to manage that risk/reward ratio. Check out Doug’s blog here.

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