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Modus Direct Partners with 4C Insights

2017-06-07T00:02:11+00:00 By |Industry News, Modus News|

Modus Direct Partners with 4C Insights Modus Direct Partners with 4C Insights to Drive Response from Social Media. Modus Direct, a data-driven direct response marketing agency, and 4C Insights, a data science and media technology company, announced a new partnership. Through 4C Social, Modus Direct clients will now be able to find and target their [...]

Simplicity in Sharing Analytics

2017-07-10T15:10:37+00:00 By |Featured, Industry News, Modus News|

We have talked about storytelling in analytics, as well as good data practices here on our blog. Another huge part of our highly evolved analytics here at Modus Direct is effective communication. We pride ourselves on the fact that we treat people, like people—not data crunching robots! Communication in marketing is largely governed by [...]


2017-07-10T15:18:23+00:00 By |Featured, Industry News, Modus News|

Guys, let’s be honest. Moms rule the world. Not only are they responsible for raising virtuous citizens of the future while managing the daily tasks and routines of running a household, they also hold a lot of power when it comes to the decision making for their families. Trust me, I know. No big decision in my home is [...]

Jean Rebel of Modus Direct Award Acceptance

2017-07-10T15:23:34+00:00 By |Featured, Industry News, Modus News, Smile|

Jean Rebel of Modus Direct accepting Best-of-Category Award (Financial) for Guaranteed Rate. This has been exciting time for Guaranteed Rate with growth rates off the charts the last few years.  Not only are they winning awards for Best-in-Category they are winning awards for Best-In-Class.

Brands: When fishing for customers, Modus can help you keep your lines tight and your rods bent

2017-07-10T15:28:11+00:00 By |Environmental News, Featured, Modus News|

Most brands / agencies are about brand awareness. They “Chum” the waters with an ad and hope that reach and frequency will get their name out there to the masses.  At Modus, we look at advertising as a means to increase brand performance through a call to action.  What is “brand performance” you ask?  It is [...]

Integrity and Success

2017-05-28T13:46:35+00:00 By |Creative, Featured, Industry News, Modus News|

Integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards. This cannot be truer because if you have lied and cheated to climb a ladder of success you did not earn it you have stolen it. There can be [...]

DRTV Must Haves

2017-05-28T13:46:44+00:00 By |Creative, Design, Featured, Modus News, Smile|

For a successful launch of a DRTV (or any advertising campaign), there are 3 crucial ingredients: Creative, Media and Back-end Operations. Some people in the industry may say one of these is more important than others, however, if all three of these are not properly done, you will be left with a recipe for failure. [...]

DRTV Storytelling. Page-turning data analytics.

2017-05-28T13:46:55+00:00 By |Creative, Featured, Industry News, Modus News|

Dear fellow direct response television experts, How often do you hear our analytics gurus referred to as “Storytellers”? Ever? Probably not.  No, these terms are usually set aside for Brand advertising campaigns that win CLIOs and ADDYs.  Direct Response professionals have been telling glorious stories regarding data since 1984 – long before “big data” was [...]