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Hard-Hitting Jingles – Generating Response

2017-06-07T00:30:09+00:00 By |Modus News|

Jingles are back, and they do work! Modus Direct currently has a radio client, Bradley Dworkin, that is using radio to support their advertising efforts. Over a year ago, we introduced a :30 Jingle into the creative rotation. When the Jingle was introduced, the calls increased 18%. That Jingle was the most consistent creative [...]

Good Data Practices: What to Do (or Not)

2017-07-10T15:30:34+00:00 By |Featured, Industry News, Modus News|

With the advent of the internet of things, wearable devices, and a pervasive need for more information the world generates over 2.5 quintillion (that’s 2.5 followed by 29 zeroes) Bytes of data every day.  Surprisingly, only 0.5% of that information is never used.  While Modus Direct doesn’t analyze quite that much data, we receive a lot! [...]